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Should I take my infant to a dentist?

I have been asked about it several times so I think we  will talk about it.

Seventy percent of parents mistakenly think that when their children still have baby teeth it is not necessary to go to the dentist.  “Go only when it hurts”

On the contrary  Infants must be seen by a dentist at the age of 1 .

The first dental visit is a new process of adaptation that the child experiences; one in which  the child is shown the dental  chair and all the Toys (tools) that the dentist use, teeth are counted and checked if there are “sugar bugs” (Caries) living in their teeth .

Its also important that the little ones “knows”  how many candies I can eat? “what candies are good for me? “is there a good time to eat cookies”.

Even if they do not have a toothache or  parents believe that they are very young for the visit it  is a good time for the children to correct bad  oral habits and introduce early teeth brushing habits.

When the first tooth begins growing (between 5 to 12 months), you can start cleaning with a soft bristles toothbrush, and keep the use of the damp cloth in the areas without teeth.

When children have cavities, infections, or any other oral illnesses, the results can be negative, leading to deficiencies in nutrition, language development, pain, and often problems with their self-esteem. Healthy teeth and gums help children maintain good health in general, not just dental.

So again whether your child has Medicaid, insurance or has no insurance it should not stop you from getting him a dentist visit in Cleburne before his or her first birthday.

and yes.. Happy New year!